Volkswagen Adblue Explanation

What is AdBlue? 

AdBlue is a fuel additive designed to make your vehicles engine meet EURO 6 emissions standards. 

How do i know if my vehicle has AdBlue? 
How do i know if my vehicle has AdBlue? 

Do you have a blue cap next to your fuel cap? This is AdBlue. If you are still purchasing the vehicle, please ask your salesperson. 

Why dont all Amarok's have AdBlue?

From what we know, the 1st of the V6 Amaroks came from Volkswagen in Germany, these vehicles came with the AdBlue System fitted. Compared to Australia, Europe has stricter emission standards which is the reason for the AdBlue system. Now, Amaroks are coming into Australia from Volkwagens South American plant. There are V6 Amaroks available WITHOUT the AdBlue System.

Why cant you fit a Tray if my vehicle has AdBlue? 

The filler hose for the Adblue system is a stiff plastic molded pipe, designed to be positioned right next to your original fuel filler. If we were to fit a Tray, we would need to re-run this filler hose. The problem happens if we try to modify this filler pipe. Modifications would be necessary so that we could move it to a suitable position. Any modifications here will void your vehicles warranty - which is why we are not willing to do it. So, if you are thinking of a Tray, make sure your vehicle doesn't have AdBlue.