You have the choice of either, a powder coated or 2-pack painted finish. 

We strongly recommend a powder coating finish, for these reasons:

  • Thicker and more durable

  • Cost saving

  • It is done in house, meaning the build time is fast!

Standard Powder Coat Colours

No extra cost

  • White (many variations available)

  • Matte Black  - Our most durable coating

  • Aztec Hammertone (a dark Charcoal colour with a "Hammertone" finish)

Premium Powder Coat Colours

We have recently added these colours to our powder range. Will add a minimum of $900+ GST to the total - but will depend on the number of accessories added to your build. 

  • Charcoal Powder Coat

  • Toyota "Graphite" Powder Coat (suits both Hilux and LandCruiser)

  • Hilux "Crystal Pearl" Powder Coat

  • Ford "Meteor" Powder Coat

Custom Powder Coat Colours

Want a powder coated finish but don't want 2-Pack painted? We can work with our powder manufacturer to make you a custom colour. Minimum cost is $1,200+ GST. (price will vary depending on colour and qty required)

To match a colour, we require a sample (usually for vehicle we take the fuel flap door from the Tub). The process; 

  • You send us a sample for matching

  • It is forwarded to lab for matching

  • The lab makes a sample and send back to us for checking

  • We have you check the sample, to make sure you are happy with it. 

  • Once you sign off, the powder is manufactured and sent to us. 

This process usually takes 2-3 weeks - longer if colour revisions are required. 


2-Pack Painting

We can also 2-pack paint your Tray/Canopy. We don't recommend this, for these reasons; 

  •  Adds cost

  • Increases lead time (adds 1-2 weeks to build time). This work is not done in our factory - it is sub contracted. 

  • Inferior durability when compared to powder coating 

When 2-pack painting, we use the colour code provided by the customer. (usually located on the vehicle build plate). This means not every 2-pack painted Tray is a perfect match to the vehicle!