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Address: 15 Whyalla Circuit, Kelso, NSW, 2795, Australia

Bronco Built Pty Ltd

Licence: MVRL51107

Here are the top 6 reasons to choose Bronco...

1. Manufacturing Excellence

Bronco Trays are first Designed in 3D on the Computer, Using State of the Art Design Software - Autodesk Inventor. Every Part or Component First Starts as a Sketch on a Computer Screen. Individual Parts are Made, and then Brought Together to make Assemblies. Manufacturing Drawings are Generated and sent into Production. 

Bronco Utilises the Latest in Manufacturing Technologies, Including;


  • 3D Design Software​

  • Laser Cutting

  • CNC Folding

  • Abrasive Blasting

  • Powder Coating

Once Parts/Components are Shaped, they move on to Surface Finishing; Surface Finishing is a Very Important Process and is all Completed in Our Bathurst Factory


  • ​Cleaning

  • Abrasive Blasting

  • Powder Coating

The Final Step is Assembly and Delivery

2. Value

You may find a Cheaper Tray, but you wont find Better Value


No other Tray Includes as many Great Features as Standard. 

3. Adaptable

Bronco Trays are Built with the Future in mind - Many Accessories can be Added at a Later Date, Including;


  • Toolboxes

  • Ladder Racks

  • Water Tanks

  • Side Steps

  • Load Spikes




4. Focus

We are a Dedicated Steel Tray Manufacturer. Our Product is our Livelihood and we Take Pride in our Work.


  • We have Multiple In House Quality Control Checks, to Ensure a Consistent, Defect free Product. 

  • From Design to Fitment - we do it all.

5. Twice the Coating

Bronco Ute Trays are Double Powder Coated as Standard.


Many of our Competitors only Powder Coat the Top Coat (They Wet Spray their Primer) 


Bronco Trays are First Powder Coated with a Zinc Rich Primer, and then Powder Coated a Second Time with the Top Coat. 2 Coats of Powder Provides a Superior Coating. This is a more Expensive process (more Powder is used and must be Baked in the oven twice) However we would'nt have it any other way. The end Result is a more Durable and Longer Lasting Finish.

6. Professionalism

From your Initial Quote to Final Delivery, you will be Treated with Professionalism. This Includes;


  • Fast Quotes. You will be Quoted same day, Usually within the hour.

  • Clear Concise quote. Your quote will be Itemised and will Clearly show what is Included.  - to us, There is Nothing worse than Ambiguity, it Inevitably leads to Misunderstanding and Disappointment. 

  • We keep in Touch During your build. We Contact you in Advance to Organise a Suitable day and time for Fitment. 

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8am-5pm 5 Days