Custom Window Mesh

Custom Window Mesh "Your Business Name"                                       $450+ GST

Stainless Steel                                                                                             $550+ GST

Customise your Tray with your Business Name, Logo or any design you can imagine! 

  • Awesome Business Advertising

  • When it is time to Sell Vehicle, Simply Replace Custom Mesh with a standard Mesh

*****Typically adds 4 working Days to Build Time*****


The Process: 

1. Once Order is Placed, send through a File with your Logo/Design/Image

2. We send Back a Proof, so you can confirm Size/Position/Layout

3. You Approve Proof

4. We Trace your design, converting it into a file which can be Laser Cut

Considerations When Choosing a "Custom" Window Mesh; 

  • Given that it is Custom, it will Increase the Quoted Delivery Time by Approx 4 Working Days. This will be Longer Again if the Window Mesh also Requires 2-Pack Painting. 

  • Make Sure you think about Contrast......For your Custom Design to be Noticed, you need to have Colour Contrast between the Design Itself and the Vehicles Rear Window. For Example, the Rear Window of the Vehicle ALWAYS looks Dark, so if your Custom Design is also Powder Coated/Painted a Dark Colour it will be Very Difficult to Notice. If you want to See your Custom Design, Make sure you go for a Light Colour Window Mesh.