Fitting Agent Locations

Note: Some Vehicle Dealerships are able to fit their own Trays, in this case, they too are a possible fitting location.

How to Buy

Check out our Website First. We have listed 1000's of photos, video, plus pricing vehicle specific info. Learn why Bronco is the BEST Tray on the market. 

Call (02 6332 3839) or email us ( for a quote. No matter if you plan to buy direct from us, or through a dealership - always start with a quote through Bronco. How else do you know if you are getting the right price? 

Placing an Order. Once you are happy with your quote, either place an order directly with us ($1,000 deposit required) or request that your dealership places the order - this makes a lot of sense, if you are financing the vehicle and  accessories together. As you can probably guess, we sell to dealerships at a discounted rate - whether you order through us/or them the price should be the same. 

Supply Only or Fitted? Bronco Trays are available both as "Supply Only" or "Fitted". For Fitting there are 3 options; 

  • Fit in Bronco Main Factory, Bathurst​

  • Delivery to and Fitting at Bronco Fitting Agent (See Fitting Agent locations below)

  • Delivery to any Dealership in Australia - Fitting undertaken by Dealership

Freight? Our factory is located in Bathurst, NSW. Therefore, the cheapest option is always to come to Bathurst as freight is not applicable. For orders which require freight, we do do our best to keep freight as inexpensive as possible. Happen to find cheaper freight?  Perfect - we are happy to work in with your freight arrangements. 

V3 Ute Tray