2-Pack Painted Finish

Please supply paint name and code for accurate price.


2-Pack Painted Finish                                                           


A Powder Coated Finish (our Standard Finish) is GREAT, However Sometimes we don't have a Colour to Match your Vehicle Colour. With 2-Pack Painting, your Vehicle Colour can be Matched*.     


Important Considerations Before Choosing a 2-Pack Painted Finish; 

  • Given that it is "Sprayed to Order", it will Increase the Quoted Delivery Time by Approx 5 Working Days.  

  • It is Considerably More Expensive than a Standard Powder Coated Finish. The 2-Pack Painted Tray is  $1,400-$2,200+ GST more Expensive than a Comparable Powder Coated Tray. 

  • Compared to a Powder Coated Finish, a Painted Finish is much less Durable and Scratch Resistant. If your Vehicle is used for work we Highly Recommend Staying with a Powder Coated Finish.     



Paint match is unlikely to be Perfect. We paint our Trays WITHOUT the vehicle present. For the paint, we work from the paint code itself. As with all paint codes there are minor variations between the variants. Compare this to a Smash Repair. When a vehicle is repaired at a Smash Repairer, they start with the paint code, then they spray a sample and compare it to the vehicle in natural light. If required, they are able to tweak the base colour to achieve  a near perfect match – unfortunately, we do not have this luxury. As a result, some painted Tray appear to be very good, others are noticeably a slightly different colour compared to the vehicle. If you have a keen eye, you will notice this is not a problem unique to us, it effects all aftermarket accessories (Bullbars, Scrub rails, Fibreglass Canopies etc etc)  - basically any time the parts are painted WITHOUT the vehicle being present. So please be aware of our limitations with 2-pack painting. We cannot guarantee the paint match will be 100%.



Note: Paint Prices Vary Wildly - Dependant on a Number of Factors, Including: Raw Pigment Prices, Quantity of Coats Required to Achieve Finish and Application Time. Because of this, all Paint Codes, are Classified into Different "Groups", Groups Range Between 1-6, with 6 Being the Most Expensive. Generally, Solid Colours are the Least Expensive, then Metallics, then Pearlescents are the Most Expensive. 

For an Accurate Price Please Provide us with your Vehicle Paint Code, which is Usually Located on the Vehicle ID plate e.g "1G3" or "42S" etc. If Buying new, Your Dealership should be able to Supply you with this Code.