Amarok Towbar Selection

Did you know there are 2 x Different styles of Towbar to suit the Amarok? If your Amarok has a Tub/Style Side Body, it is likely that its Towbar is actually mounted to the Rear Step - This is a problem, as this rear step is removed when fitting a Tray. 

When buying new, advise your salesperson that you plan to fit a Tray. If known, they can fit the "Cab Chassis" version of this Towbar (this will mean the the rear step/bumper will need to be removed)


Have a "Cab Chassis" Towbar fitted to your vehicle AFTER the Tray is Fitted.

"Cab Chassis" Style Towbar

"Tub" Style Towbar

Vehicle with "Cab Chassis" Towbar Fitted with Bronco V3 Tray